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XFL Report
Editor: Bob Butler
Subject: XFL ends with little fanfare… but will it continue?

On Thursday, May 10, 2001, the WWFE and NBC announced what sports critics, NFL executives, and dire-hard football fans have been predicting for over a year… that the XFL will discontinue operations and not have a 2002 season. The reasoning… “The decision was made after determining that the additional investment required to further develop the XFL was not commensurate with the potential return and the risk inherent in pursuing the venture.” All across the US, newspapers, TV sportscasters, and radio talk shows touted the “I told you so” attitude that makes those mediums so annoying to the regular sports fan.

The XFL venture was a combination of guts, arrogance, entrepreneur, sports knowledge, and luck. With the driving force of Vince McMahon, the XFL had the business backing and deep pockets of the WWFE and the large media exposure of NBC, but was unable to identify what and who it was to the sports fan. This un-identity proved its Achilles heel with football and wrestling fans. But is the XFL really dead?

Possibly not, according to Mike Keller, former Director of Football Operations for the XFL. As reported on XFLReporter.com, Keller, it seems, already is talking about possibly keeping the XFL alive. "I'm going to assess things," he said. "The branding of this thing is something to consider. The XFL is one of the best-known brands in sports now."

Although TV ratings on NBC skidded to embarrassingly low figures, Keller noted that the league's ratings were higher than major league soccer and pro hockey. What if the XFL were to continue in 2003? Take off 2002 to regroup, seek new investors, pick a direction (tricked-up football, or smash-mouth real football), establish a cable TV contract, and begin the healing process.

As I stated before, America is the only place in the world where a second chance is a good thing and anyone can make something happen given the drive and determination. XFL-FAN.com and myself thanks the hundreds of thousands of fans who visited our Website, and we will continue to operate XFL-FAN.com and XFLShop.tv.

Bob Butler
Xtreme Sports LLC

Ps. What are your thoughts if the XFL were to come back… would you still be a fan… or they had their chance to impress you?

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XFL Report
Editor: Bob Butler
Subject: LA Xtreme - XFL 2001 Champion

The LA Xtreme, or X-Men as they are called by their fans, soundly defeated the SF Demons 38-6 in what some might call a Super Bowl-esk XFL Million Dollar Champion Game. Both teams had hot streaks coming into the XFL’s first Championship game of it’s inaugural season, but LA was able to keep the motor running for 60 minutes.

The Demons were plagued from the beginning with zero offense on the ground or in the air. SF’s QB Mike Pawlawski was pressured all night by the Xtreme defense. Halfway through the 3rd quarter, Pat Barnes replaced Pawlawski to try to spark the Demons. What awaited Barnes was the same Xtreme defense that shut down Pawlawski. The only SF score came on an Otman Sampson’s (SF’s third QB) run into the end zone.

LA’s QB Tommy Maddox, on the other hand, threw at will racking up over two hundred yards in the air and probably clinching the XFL’s Championship MVP. With a final score of 38-6, was this the ending the XFL wanted to keep the XFL fans excited about next season?

What are your thoughts on the XFL’s first Championship game?

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XFL Report
Editor: Bob Butler
Subject: Success and Failures of the XFL – Year One

Hind sight is 20/20, and here is were we prove it…

Human Coin Toss – Success
The Human Coin Toss brought an exciting opening tradition to an otherwise boring football game start. If you want the ball, you have to earn it.

XFL.com Pre-season – Failure
There was no tangible information about the XFL except from the XFL Fan sites like XFLBoard.com, us and a few other fan sites. (Hey, we give credit where credit is due.) XFL.com just had a generic splash page that linked to other cookie-cutter team sites.

XFL.com during season – Success
XFL.com realized that their product was nationwide, but only physically located in eight cities. The need for inside photos, video, sound, and notes was critical to educating a NFL football fan on the XFL uniqueness.

XFL-FAN.com and XFLShop.tv – Success
Why not toot our own horn. We brought some firsts to Sports Fan websites, logged over 600,000 hits and hope to carry this through 2002. Plus, after Sunday, there will be a “Million Dollar Sale” at XFLShop.tv. (Shameless plug.)

XFL Cheerleaders Talent – Success
As a former business associate with the Dallas Cowboys Football Club, I know the time and effort it takes to be a professional Cheerleader. The XFL Cheerleaders did what they had to do to bring excitement to the sidelines. It’s how the XFL used them is where the problem lies.

XFL Cheerleader Hype – Failure
For the whole season, the XFL touted the XFL Cheerleaders were different, to the point of being “Bad girls” as evident since they used Adult Stars in their Commercials. It was the biggest failure in their marketing machine. The “Rage Cheerleader Halftime Locker Room” event was again all hype and no meat. Our Website has more “Bad Girl” pictures than theirs.

XFL Announcers – Failure
The announcers are an integral part of the game. Believe it or not, they are the talent who makes an otherwise lack-luster game more exciting. The choices of talent went bad to worst. Without naming names, this area needs work for 2002.

XFL Camerawork – Success
The XFL brought us into the huddle where the NFL would never dream. Look for some of the camera shots in the 2001/02 NFL season.

XFL All Access Pass – Sound – Success
How cool is it to hear the Offensive Coordinator telling the Quarterback to call “Blue Money Tango Left on Two.”

XFL All Access Pass – Locker Room – Failure
Did any of these guys know they were on television? Where was the emotion? There is a paycheck on the line here.

XFL Branding – Success
I am a big fan of the branding machine. Notice my XFL-FAN.com and XFLShop.tv look and feel. The XFL scored big with their team names and logos. We just need more cities to excite the other 198 Million people in America.

XFL Unique and Special Rules – Failure
Did these special rules really ever make a difference in a games outcome? I know Instant Replay did in the NFL. There was so much hype on these new rules, not even the players or refs knew what they were. If you are going to trick up the game, do it with more extreme rules, like for every Visiting team's touchdown, the Home team’s Cheerleaders have to remove an article of clothing… want ratings… you now have them.

TV Station choices – NBC – Failure
Any friend who bails on you within the first year of your relationship is obviously not your friend. If the XFL had two seasons under their belt, and had a solid product, then the move to NBC would make sense. I say, call ESPN and let’s party!

TV Station choices – UPN and TNN – Success
Stud stations that know what type of special product they have.

XFL TV Commercials – Failure
Please, no more Boot Camp or Lugs commercials! Ugh! I want beer commercials and TV spots with hot chicks. (Sorry XFL-FAN female readers… hey, I’m in their demographic.)

XFL Fans - Success
They hung in behind this new league with high stadium attendance and support them during the lean times. Great Job!

XFL Players - Success
Although you really never heard of most of these players, week in and week out they played hard for their fans.

And finally, since this article is running long…

XFL Football – Week 1-7 – Failure
Let’s face it; they weren’t ready to play on a Professional level - Miss calls, sloppy play, but, big, big hits and much drama on the sidelines.

XFL Football – Week 8 + - Success
They became better at bad football. The Orlando Rage and LA Xtreme were fun to watch. Every team had great moments. Imagine what could happen when they have a full off-season to prepare.

These are my thoughts on the XFL Year one… what are yours?

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XFL Report
Editor: Bob Butler
Subject: XFL and NBC no more

Quik Hit News - The New York Daily News reported on 4/4/01 that NBC will end their involvement with the XFL after it's first season ends. Dick Ebersol stated that NBC would back out of broadcasting the XFL if ratings did not increase in the final weeks, which they did not. The WWF still plans to continue the XFL next season.

In related news... UPN has annouced that it has picked up the XFL for next year's season. What do you think about NBC's bailout? Justified?

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XFL Report
Editor: Bob Butler
Subject: XFL Xpansion – Are You Ready for the XFL in your City?

The XFL has released a statement that they are looking to expand their league between two and four new cities as early as next season. Their business plan called for this expansion long before the ratings results were logged.

The XFL expansion committee, who consists of XFL President Basil V. DeVito, Jr., Rich Rose, who heads up the league’s expansion committee, Michael Keller, the XFL’s Vice President of Football Operations, and Drew Pearson, General Manager of the New York/New Jersey Hitmen, will visit Washington, D.C. Tuesday, March 27 to discuss with DC sports officials the possibility of an XFL Washington team.

“Our business plan calls for league expansion in either year two or three so we have formed an expansion committee to examine the feasibility of adding at least two-to-four teams in that time frame,” said DeVito. “We have had requests from a number of cities who would like to join the XFL, and we have targeted several for early visits. First on the list is the nation’s capital,” as stated in the XFL release.

According to the XFL’s expansion city criteria and Rose, “We will be examining possible stadiums, practice facilities, short term player housing and team office space, as well as the potential season ticket base. Our goal is to be able to sell at least 20,000 season tickets in any new XFL city, remembering that XFL season tickets are available for $125 on the 50-yard line.”

This announcement begins to solidify the statement Vince McMahon has been pushing which is the XFL is here to stay and they will expand the business in light of the first year ratings. This announcement brings up another point of the success/failure argument in that the more teams playing in the XFL, the more successful the XFL will become. Lets expand…

For a professional sports franchise to be successful, they must have good-to-champion-level athletes and ticket/merchandise-buying die-hard fans to support the business. With only eight teams in year one, they are only drawing on a possible fan-base of eight cities and nationwide WWF and football fans. With mostly no-name players and Europe/College/NFL assistant level Coaches, it is no reason why the XFL has slowly puttered along. But, what if there were 20 XFL teams, with 20 XFL Owners, playing on Sunday and Monday night. Think there would be a little more interest?

If the XFL were expanding to your city, would you be excited? Would you watch your team? What are your thoughts?

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XFL Live Game Update ::4/21/01 "Million Dollar Game"

Team Score Quarter TV Station
6 Final

8pm ET

Live Game Notes
  • Xtreme Score - FG 
  • 1st & Goal Xtreme - 2nd Quarter
  • Xtreme Score - Wilcox pass - PAT - No
  • Xtreme Score - 71 yard Punt return - PAT - No
  • SF FG attempt after Timeout
  • SF FGA - No
  • 2 Minute Warning
  • Xtreme FG
  • Xtreme Interception - 45 yard return.  :02 left in 1st Half
  • Xtreme 50 yard FG
  • Xtreme Score - PAT - Yes
  • Xtreme Interception
  • Xtreme 4th & goal
  • Xtreme FG
  • XFL Cheerleader Halftime Pictures
  • SF Barnes to QB
  • Xtreme recovers fumble
  • Xtreme punts
  • SF Barnes starts
  • Xtreme's Scott Milanovich replaces Maddox
  • Xtreme FG attempt results in SF Interception 
  • Xtreme Interception
  • Xtreme Score - PAT - Yes
  • SF Barnes out - injury - Sampson replaces as QB
  • SF Scores - PAT - No, Xtreme Interception
  • Xtreme wins 2001 XFL Championship


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